Issue 246 – Tangents, Tangets, Tangets

Greetings Programs! After winter horror ends a city, the crew is back with tales of cultural movies and tacos. Then, in Pulling From Aaron’s Box, a delve into pulp adventure with The Mercenary Sea from Image Comics. Little dip into Krush Groove leads into a Fun With Race that starts with a game of Pathfinder and then hits more tangents. Be sure to see the gang live at the Funemployment Radio Network Listener Party on Saturday, February 22nd at the Hawthorne Theatre.

Brought to you by Guardian Games – Asylum
– Bridge City ComicsStar Pilot’s Revenge –  La Brujeria

Can’t stream? Direct download Issue 246 HERE.


LOVE THE SHOW!!!!! WE MUST BE NEAR THE SAME AGE…Temple of doom…Raiders is my favorite BUT I’ve seen doom many more times. I see I’m not alone in my love for DOOM.


Thanks Matthew! Always happy to hear from listeners.
As for Indiana Jones stuff, I think Raiders is probably a better made film. But for pure pulp action and fun, Temple of Doom is my favorite, but Raiders is nipping at its heels.

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