Issue 241 – Christmas on Kronos*

Greetings Programs! In this very special issue, the gang it not only transported to the future by Captain Qaolin Kiln, but to the Klingon home world (a kitchen in one to be specific) and learn the true and honorable meaning of Christmas. The guests just keep coming as Ensign Chekov reveals the true history of the holiday, a saucy Uhura tells tales of mistletoe on the Enterprise, and a special reading from Lt. Sulu. All that, and the legendary Star Pilot crashes the show with funky joy. It’s a mighty show and we couldn’t do it without you, the best listeners ever!

Brought to you by Guardian Games – Asylum
– Bridge City ComicsStar Pilot’s Revenge –  La Brujeria

Can’t stream? Direct download Issue 241 HERE.

*I know, I know. It’s the Terran spelling, get off my back!

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