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Issue 235 – Being An Issue of Magic & Monsters

Greetings Programs! The gang’s all here and answering a Twitter question, they delve into Arrow on the CW and prove that Kielen can enjoy something from DC. Then, Aaron reviews the newest horror film by Bobcat Goldthwait, Willow Creek. Scott begins his Director Series with Wes Anderson. Then, Kicking it With the Captain returns to the land of Myst with Obduction. Finally, Pwn Plays gets it’s tapping on with Magic 2014 for Android and Apple iOS. Whew, this is a big one! Continue reading

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Issue 234 – Ebony and Ivory!

Greetings Programs. In this issue, Aaron & Dan are both buried at sea so that Scott Dally may triumphantly return, along with the epic Kielen King! Scott talks about returning to the working world and why kids these days can’t punch a time clock. Then, GitCSports rears it’s head and the guys get their ball talk on. All that, plus a new Dally Demands and Pwn Toney gets his tech on! Thanks for listening and be sure to listen live on the Funemployment Radio Network. Continue reading

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Issue 233 – Talkin Fandom, Talking Art, Talking Poe

Greetings Programs! In this issue, the gang opens without a lick to talk about (and a couple of us are grumpy). Then, Dan, Kielen, and Aaron dive into the nature of fandom and when having fun takes a spoiled and entitled turn. Then, Aaron brings forward a growing concern on the nature of creative endeavors and when to call it quits. Finally, a Kickin’ it With the Captain follow-up and a profile of the Nevermore campaign. Don’t forget, next Wednesday – The Lovely Jenn competes in Rebel Craft Rumble at the Hollywood Theatre! Be there. Continue reading

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Issue 232 – La Brujeria & Classic Games!

Greetings Programs! In this issue, Dan and Aaron celebrate Your Buffalo Bills and confuse the hell out of Kielen. Kaebel joins us as co-host and to talk the October show at Sequential Art Gallery – Of Folklore and Fairytales, the Art of James Sinclair… With the artist, a one James Sinclair. Hear about his creative process and what you can expect at the show. Then, Art Santana of Ground Kontrol pops by to talk about the Retro Game Expo happening this weekend at the Portland Convention Center. Trust us, it’s a nerdy ass show! Continue reading

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