Issue 206 – Talking DRM – Joëlle Jones – Making Peace

Greetings programs! In this issue, the gang has a rant about the future of console and PC gaming with the rumored XBox 720 specs. Then, Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Art Gallery talks about April events and is joined by Joëlle Jones to chat about her work on Helheim and her April gallery show. Next, in Pulling from Aaron’s Box, Aaron comes to terms with John Byrne and his series The High Ways, as suggested by Kielen. All that and gifts from Canada.

Brought to you by Guardian Games – Sorel Vintages 
– Bridge City Comics

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Why do the developers deserve anything from the secondary market? If you sell your used car, does GM deserve a taste of the cash? Game, car, it is all the same… I buy something, it is mine… I can sell it, give it away or even burn it. The creator has no rights to my usage of my item. (as long as I am not pirating, etc)

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