Issue 198 – R2-A-Hole – David Walker – Steve Lieber

Greetings Programs. What a show. What. A. Show. First, the guys rip into JJ Abrams running nerd Hollywood and why it’s a bad call. And, why R2-D2 is a war criminal. Then, Kielen sits down and has a great conversation with David Walker and the Portland Black Film Festival playing all month at the Hollywood Theatre. Then, we’re joined by Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Art Gallery and the February guest, Steve Lieber. Hear how Steve broke down Alabaster: Wolves for Dark Horse Comics and how he won 4Chan with Underground! Like we said, what a show.

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Doofy McHumpp

I just started listening to your podcast for the first time. (Am only a tiny way in.) Just thought you might want to consider actually explaining what your sponsor sells. You said they “got the great mid-century vintage stuff” but what kind of stuff that was, I had no idea. Coming to your website and clicking on the link I see that they are a furniture store. If you’re going to do an ad for a sponsor it might be a good idea to actually say what they sell! A lot of podcasts aren’t lucky enough to have a sponsor.

Anyhoo, on with listening to the show. Peace.


Thanks for the feedback. We normally mention that in the live reads, but the last few we’ve missed that. So, thanks for the reminder. We get so wrapped up in our show, that we often forget that any episode could be someone’s first time. We will keep that in mind in the future. Thanks, and thanks for listening!

Doofy McHumpp

Thanks for your calm and friendly reply to such a cranky and crazy note I left out of left field. I can be a weird grump sometimes.

Jamie Jeans

Another great episode and a wonderful interview with Steve Lieber. The bronies may have gotten the 4chan operating crew to hit the hard reset button, but Steve won them over. Good job on him and I hope that he has future success, if only because he’s such a cool dude.

Sorry to hear about the Avengers being cancelled… I bet that Pwned Tony loved the episode in the second season where Spider-Man showed up to team up with Captain America against the Serpent Society.

I do agree that JJ Abrams should not be stretching himself out so much like that. Wasn’t there a period of his TV work where that happened and the quality of his products dropped?

That, and to be honest, having the same style for everything would be rather dull and boring after awhile. I don’t begrudge the guy his success, far from it, but… how to best put it? I don’t think we’d want the same car painted different colours time and time again, to use a metaphore.