Issue 196 – Seacrest says goodbye

Tonight, Scott, Dan, & Kielen are joined by Ryan Reid who is on the longest farewell tour EVER. Pwn is not in the mood. The crew talks the validity of flu shots. The live listeners get to ask the show anything they want. (What could possibly go wrong)? Captain hates vampires. Kickin’ it with The Captain starts, then…Geek in the City Radio is hit over the head by the folding chair of pro wrestling! Fun with Race covers…cannibals?

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2 thoughts on “Issue 196 – Seacrest says goodbye

  1. I am surprised with all the wrestling talk, specifically the many mentions of Roddy Piper, nobody talked about Portland Wrestling Uncut. Roddy Piper is trying to bring back wrestling to Portland and they are on channel 49, Saturdays at 8pm. I bet that you guys could get him to sit down for an interview to promote this.

    I don’t know if they have a web site, but here’s their Facebook page that has info on upcoming events.

    I have nothing to do with them except for the fact that I stumbled upon the show a month or two ago while flipping through the channels and was surprised to see that Piper was trying to bring back Portland wrestling. My wife used to go to Portland Wrestling when she was a kid and we’re trying to get out to one of the upcoming events.

  2. Thanks man. I think if you’re of a certain age in this country, you’ve got a soft spot for pro wrestling. It was a fun conversation to be sure. Bummed I missed it!

    And, funny you should mention getting Piper on the show… 😉

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