Issue 195 – Ugly Kids, Red October, Larry Perry

Greetings Programs! In this issue, the gang quickly explore the greatest idea ever. The Hunt For Red October – The Play! Then, Scott laments Oscar snubs and Aaron’s Box Pull reveals Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth. Next, Dally Demands some Nazis on the moon. And finally, Fun With Race crushes Kielen’s dreams, hopes, and aspirations. You’ll have to hear it to understand. Only on Geek in the City Radio!

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2 thoughts on “Issue 195 – Ugly Kids, Red October, Larry Perry

  1. Hey guys, another great episode and The Ugliest Kid on Earth sounds like it rivals Conner/Gray/Palmiotti’s The Pro in terms of just plain old fun, wrongness… and that story was just so wrong on so many levels but wow, what a fun read.

    And I hope Kilein is doing better, he sounded pretty defeated by that Tyler Perry/Larry the Cable Guy movie mash up. It’s honestly quite weird to hear such reactions to it because while I have seen a little of Larry the Cable Guy and his one note comedy routine, I have honestly never seen a Tyler Perry movie in my life.

    Like, I hear from my American friends, especially those who are black, about his movies and what atrocious train wrecks they are, but I’ve never seen one and were it not for my online friends, I never would have heard of Tyler Perry to begin with. I have the Internet and that, but it hardly comes across my radar.

    Anyways, a great show and very entertaning.

  2. Thanks Jamie! Not sure if “Todd” will play out as wonderfully twisted as “The Pro,” but the potential is there for sure.

    For me, Tyler Perry is a mixed bag. I don’t like his movies for so many reasons, as entertainment and social quality. But I can’t begrudge a guys business savvy. Shoot, I remember Trek fans being angry with his bit part in the Abrams flick. Hell, if I had the Hollywood muscle to earn a small scene, I’d jump in a heartbeat.

    Thanks again for listening. Hope all is well.

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