Issue 194 – The Whole Crew +2

Greetings Programs! Aaron, Scott, Kielen, and Dan all return to bring you the awesome. Aaron talks about revealing the creative process and then things get strange. Next, Kaebel Hashitani and Nate Ayling talk about their new show on the Funemployment Radio Network, the Real Housewives of PDX – Talking the trials, challenges, and humor of being unemployed modern in America. Finally, a triple-play with Dally Demands – Kicking with the Captain – Fun With Race. Only on Geek in the City Radio. Thanks for listening!

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2 thoughts on “Issue 194 – The Whole Crew +2

  1. … snow monkies? >_>

    Eh, just the same old, same old, uninventive name calling from Americans. Gotta work snow in there somewhere, right? ;p

    Although a part of me was thinking “There are black people up here, I don’t think they’d appreciate that nickname.”

    It’s all good though, another fun episode and it’s great to hear the whole cast again. I’ll be looking forward to Kable’s new podcast because it sounds pretty interesting!

  2. What ever happened to just calling people…. people. Why do people feel the need to be part of a smaller group? I may be white, but I’m just an American… nothing more. I don’t care if my mother is Canadian, my Father American, I was born here, therefore I’m American. I know some of my history, but it doesn’t matter, I have Mexican, Spanish (separate lines), Indian, French, Scottish, English, Irish, Russian, and German but I don’t care, because I live here, and have to function here, adding a label is counter productive, and only pushes people apart. I don’t care what your skin color is, what your religion is, what your ethnicity is, if you are a good person, I will simply call you friend.

    Also, to Aaron’s point, the term Hispanic does not mean “from Spain” is mean “From Hispañola”, the island that is Haiti and The Dominican Republic. The term Latin America isn’t accurate either, since while the Spanish, Portuguese, and French dominated the colonization of the Caribbean, Southern North America, and South American, the English also had/have a large presence, as do the Dutch.

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