Issue 183 – Rebel Craft Rumble – Evil Dead – Black Santas

Greetings Programs. With Scott hiding from clowns, the Lovely Jenn makes a return to the show to talk about her participation in SCRAP’s Rebel Craft Rumble at the Hollywood Theatre 10/18 at 7:30pm. Then, a Fun With Race that explains the difference between Black Santa and Blackface. Plus, Aaron and Dan dork out over the new Evil Dead trailer, and gush over Eric Powell’s newest comic from Dark Horse Comics. All that, and name-a-sidekick! Only on Geek in the City Radio!

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2 Responses to Issue 183 – Rebel Craft Rumble – Evil Dead – Black Santas

  1. belgo says:

    In regards to the black figurine discussed on Fun With Race:

    Its a “Zwarte Piet” (Black Pete in Dutch). In Belgium and Holland the Traditional Santa Clause isn’t celebrated in the Anglo/American fashion. On Dec 5th/6th every year, Dutch and Belgian children wake up to find candy and chocolate by the fire place. It is brought there by Sinterklaas (St. Nicolas, Patron saint of something or other). The black figure is a Moorish “helper” (slave for all intensive purposes but its sugar coated for the holiday). To this day in Holland and Belgium on Dec. 6th a white person will wear traditional Sinterklaas clothing and another white person will wear black face and parade around town squares in Holland/Belgium. Its broadcast nationally in those countries too. Its pretty fucking offensive. But since Belgium and Holland have very few black residents they don’t see it as such. And they are racist as hell. Don’t let the liberal/progressive moniker that Holland gets let you believe they are racially tolerant. They are not. Belgium is even worse. (I know- I grew up there). Just type in Sinterklaas into google image search and you’ll see more pictures of people in black face than you ever thought even existed.

    Great show! Best regards,

    The Tolerant Belgian

  2. Aaron says:

    Wow. Had no idea about that. Thanks for the information! (And of course, thanks for listening). -Aaron

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