Issue 178 – RCCC Recap & Camping

Greetings Programs! No, your eyes don’t deceive, the show does indeed start with a long conversation on camping and the dangers of Coyotes. Thankfully, we turn to the awesome of Rose City Comic Con, why it worked, what we loved, and what we want in 2013. And, why Wizard World can suck it. Finally, a fast Dally Demands and a rather strange Fun With Race as we’re joined by Kaebel Hashitani and hug-master Michael Ring! As always, we thank you for your support and high new listeners!

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3 Responses to Issue 178 – RCCC Recap & Camping

  1. Leshrac says:

    The nice mosh pit is totally a Portland thing. It’s because it’s the same guys and gals every event. Theyve been moshing and partying together for the last 5-10 years for some of them. It’s a pretty close knit community and even if they don’t all like each other they respect each other and know if someone gets too broken they get totally broken up so they take care of their own.

    Metalheads are a dying breed just like classic punk and industrial kids.

    I used to be a pretty hardcore mosher before I moved to the hellhole that is Salem.

  2. Aaron says:

    I didn’t even think of that. So many of my friends like (or at least appreciate) the Euro-Prod metal stuff, it makes sense that they tend to all play nice at the show as well. Plus, I haven’t been into a pit for a long time, so while it was surprising, it was welcome to this aging body. 🙂

  3. Jamie Jeans says:

    You know, I’ve never heard of Wizard World ever until you mentioned it in this episode. I suppose it comes from having lived in the Far North of BC, Canada with no comic book shop and limited geek magazines coming in. Sounds like I didn’t miss out on much aside from a bunch of douchebags trying to make money off of the love of all things geeky.

    Times like this I do wish I had some vacation time left so that I could have come down and seen this event. I have some of the best memories of conventions from my time volunteering for the Calgary Expo, and it looks like the Rose City ComiCon is going to be a source of great memories for people in Portlant. That and it would have been cool to have met you guys.

    And as for Fun With Race about White Guilt? It’s always struck me as something very selfish, as though the appearence of being sorry for what happened in the past as opposed to actively doing something now (like being a good and decent person and treating others with respect) is much more important, if only to avoid the aweful tag of racist.

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