2012 Dallas Comic Con

Big thanks to listener, photographer, and all-around awesome buddy Norm from Texas as he recounts his adventures at the 2012 Dallas Comic Con. -AD

I have started and stopped this article, field report, photo spam of exuberant geeks of the male and female verity at least 6 times already. All I can say is that this is my first time at any comic or sci-fi event and, up until now I have always kept my distance from conventions after a disastrous comic book/baseball card show in Kilgore, Texas. One that involved a shouting match between my friend at the time and a baseball card dealer that threw us out of said convention. This time better be different.

I stood in line for Dallas Comic Con with my wife Katie Case and fellow members of the Longview Comic Book, Club Travis and Tyler Foster. The crowd was massive, so massive in fact that there was an hour wait just to get general admission tickets to get into the Irving Convention center.

My wife and I got in after people who had been through the Con where coming out and selling their day passes to waiting members. I am not going to lie It was bleepin’ hot and there was little shade while waiting outside in line that coiled around the building like a python. Getting in, all I could say out loud was “Thank god For CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING!” this caused a few heads to turn in my direction and give a knowing nod. Our group made it into the main exhibiter’s hall. The hall was swarming with people, costumes, toys, movie posters, comic writers and artists as far as the eye could see. I mean could I not believe that this many people could be here and the excitement was palpable. I was finally here and with my Wife to boot who was excited to a sketch book filled with sketches of various artist sketches of our bulldog Mayday. I missed both Patrick Stewart and Stan Lee’s Q&A’s due my mid-day arrival. (Don’t worry, the organizers recorded video which is linked on the @dallascomiccon twitter feed) . I see the line forming for Jimmy Palmiotti, so I shuffle over to it and get in line to wait for him.

The next line over was for George Perez which would be full until the end of the first day. Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman for a generation, had the biggest line after Stan Lees. Summer Glau was also in attendance at the con; she dropped some hints in her Q&A that a new Terminator animated series might be coming out . I talked with Jimmy Palmiotti who smiled when I pulled out my paper pack copy of Time Bomb. He said “Yes it’s the Time of Bombs and the Bombs of Time!” I laughed a bit and we talked . I said that I was also taking photos for myself, he stopped looked me in the eye and said “Man you gotta’ have a zoom lens on that camera of yours! You gotta’ get George Perez, Kevin, and what’s her name down the way!, Come on man I mean look at her!” (Referring to Summer Glau).

My wife Katie however scored big with her George Perez sketch of the Flash, although it didn’t start that way. When the time came to get get a sketch from Perez, we ask him for an English bulldog. To which the legendary George Perez replies “Bulldog?! I don’t know if I can do a bulldog.” Nervous, we stammer, “Um, The Flash!” $20 bucks for a Flash sketch in a Doctor Who sketch book which is its own brand of uber nerditry. Thankfully, other artists didn’t shy from our Bulldog requests and our nerdy book continues to grow. Doctor Who artist Josh Adams was a late addition to the con, but as a fellow dog fan, it was great to chat with him for a while on the joys of pets. Art secured, it was to walk around and get some of the glorious costumes of Dallas Comic con.

The fan costumes ranged from Aliens Colonial Marines, two women as the 10th and 11th doctors, a Task Force 141 member from Modern Warfare 2, a man dressed as General Grevis from Attack of the clones, a Rule 63 duo of Booster Gold and Blue Beatle who stole many a heart of ogling nerds, along with a damn good Scarecrow from the Arkham Asylum video game.

Soon after that it came time to leave and recuperate for Day 2.

The second day started same as the first with our group getting there at 10am and still facing a sizable line. The doors opened at 11am where the main goal of the day was to attend the Burt Ward and Adam West panel. Man if you have watched the 60’s tv series and thought is that how they act in real life then the answer is YES. The entire time they were on stage they had the audience rolling with laughter. I got in line to ask them about Shark punching techniques but they cut off questions before I could ask. Then came time to get swag. My fellow Longview Comic Club friends Travis Foster and Tyler Foster scored some minimalist posters for the Green lantern corps and the Sinsetro corps. I met up with the most fantastic Taffeta Darling, whom if you don’t know is Dallas Geek Royalty. We took our photos and had a nice chat. Alas, that is one busy lady and she had to split early in the day. So with tired eyes and painful feet, our group and left Dallas and it’s comic con behind and headed to the one place all good geeks go after a tiring adventure. Denny’s!

What shocked me was the shear amount of family’s and kids that attended the con. I believe in the power of myth to transform us and inform us of our natures. The myths I am talking about come from our love of Comics, sci fi, and Fantasy, and its everywhere and now popular culture. I wonder where we are going and what we are doing sometimes. I guess the future is bright as long as we keep moving the myths forward. All I saw at the con is the next generation eating up ours and moving forward. They will outpace us in our love of comics, movies, games.

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