Issue 158: 1st Thursday – James Sinclair – Fun With Race

Greetings Programs, in this issue Aaron bows out to screen The Avengers. And so, in classic show tradition, the cast proceeds to tear him a new one. Then, Scott makes another foolish bet with Dan about John Wayne. Next, the show sits down with artist James Sinclair as he talks about the interesting aspect of creating comics – The Art! And then he presents the single greatest piece of art ever made, alas, this is a podcast and you can’t see it… Yet. Then Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Art Gallery lets you know how to spend 1st Thursday in Portland and sits in on a very enlightening Fun With Race. As always, thanks for listening and we’ll see you at the 2012 Stumptown Comics Fest.

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Aaron Duran is founder and head writer of, a website devoted to the latest in movies, comics, tabletop games, digital pastimes, and all things Geek. His fascination with comics, film, music, and obscure trivia has transformed into a lifelong pursuit of pop culture knowledge. A precocious writer who started out by spinning elaborate stories based on his favorite sci-fi and adventure franchises, he befuddled his grade-school teachers, who were convinced that no child could write that well at such a young age. When not hard at work on his plans for world domination, Aaron creates highly acclaimed independent films, freelances in many forms of media, explores the minutiae of pop culture, and shares his love of all things Geek with the world through his writing.
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5 Responses to Issue 158: 1st Thursday – James Sinclair – Fun With Race

  1. blindnil says:

    Miracle whip is as popular in the Mormon community as pwn ton’s. Real Mayonnaise does not exist in the US but does in Europe. True Mayonnaise is raw egg yolk and a portion of the egg white emulsified with olive oil and lemon juice. I grew up eating the real thing. The FDA will not allow that product here because we poison our chickens. The real thing is fucking delicious. Kraft Mayonnaise is another soybean oil product meant to make us fat and stupid. Miracle whip just adds HFCS to that same product. Don’t believe the hype. Raw eggs are fine if you get the chance to raise them yourself. Don’t eat anything from Kraft, the same way I’d ask anyone not to but directly from Halliburton or WalMart.

  2. Aaron says:

    My wife really likes Miracle Whip as well, so when I listened, I was as confused as Dan. I did wonder is Miracle Whip was a Southern US thing, but as Jenn was raised in Northern Nevada, that killed that thought. Funny, I think we call Aioli sauce is what most Europeans would call Mayonnaise (or at least see as the closest approximation). From my understanding, if we raised our livestock correctly, we can eat damn near anything raw. Not as tasty to our pallete, but our bodies can still process the tasty, tasty meat! 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Dianne says:

    Taking my 17yr old son to Portland this summer for a day or two. Would really like to take him to Trek in the Park, maybe Bridge City Comics and definitely Guardian Games. He will be in heaven. Are they all close in proximity? He is a gamer/geek. Loves all this stuff. Really looking forward to it. Will take any other suggestions of what might be fun to do. Are there dates planned for Trek in the Park? Live and work in tourist town so leaving during summer takes some pre-planning. You guys are awesome. Thanks for putting it out there so I can listen.

  4. Aaron Duran says:

    Always happy to help, so here is a Google Maps link to all those cool places:,-122.651367&spn=0.179331,0.436363

    And, the dates for Trek in the Park this year – Officially from the Atomic Arts site:

    Trek in the Park: Journey to Babel at Cathedral Park, Saturdays and Sundays August 4-26!

  5. Dianne says:

    You are the best! Thanks so much. Just talked to my son Eric, he is excited to go and so am I.

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