Geek in the City Radio Issue 149

Greetings Programs! With Kielen out with the Hillsboro Blues, Scott Dally steps up as show engineer and shows why he’s famous and you’re not! In this issue, Dan takes his first step in admitting Skyrim Addiction, which leads into a talk about just why Sports Geeks and Geek Geeks really aren’t that different… Even if both sides wish it wasn’t true. Then, Aaron and Scott talk about the newest film from Troma Entertainment – Father’s Day. Next, Aaron reviews the latest DC Animation DVD, Justice League: Doom. Finally, Aaron asks Scott and Dan their thoughts on creator self-censorship and if Aaron made the right call in issue 3 of La Brujeria (coming soon). All that, and tales of Dan’s made hunting skills. Really.

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8 thoughts on “Geek in the City Radio Issue 149”

  1. His name is Chris Fuchman, and the monster is called The Fuchmanicus, neither is called Fuchman Manus.
    Star Raiders commercial was not Lloyd’s idea, in fact, he wanted it out very badly.
    It’s not a Tromatic movie. You guys have a strange idea of what constitutes a normal Troma film.

  2. you could not be more incorrect about Troma’s level of involvement in this movie. Troma literally had no hand in any of the creative aspects of this movie, especially not Star Raiders. Lloyd Kaufman INSISTED on Star Raiders being removed from the movie, but they said no sway. This movie is entirely Astron-6.

  3. When I watched it, I heard “The Fuchmanicus” as Fuchman Manus, still, sorry for that error. We did both enjoy the movie and hope it does well. As to what we think constitutes a “normal” Troma flick we felt was in Father’s Day. A flick that doesn’t fit well into standard Hollywood genres. Something both Scott and I could appreciate. And, we hope you make that Star Raiders flick.

    As for getting Troma’s level of involvement wrong… To that, I can only attribute to marketing. We were contacted by Troma regarding this movie. We were sent publicity material from Troma. The item arrived in Troma packaging. The DVD is stamped with Troma. The letter from the studio was from Troma. And while we know Troma works with dozens of other production groups, you can understand our mistake in assuming a film that’s billed as a Troma production would be assumed as such.

  4. A – Star Trek III is not a bad movie, it is middle of the road, and is much better than 1, 5, 7, or 10, and just behind 9 in my opinion.
    B – Baseball is an awesome sport, and anyone who hates, obviously have no idea about it.

  5. A few years ago, I would have agreed STIII was better than TMP, now not so much. It really grew on me. I was unjustly hard it 3, I do love all the new models introduced in it, and it has my favorite torpedo impact effect. (Not realistic, but I dig the coursing energy thing).

    As for baseball. Dude, I get it. Played it for years. It just bores me, no interest at all. Though I tend to dig movies about. (Way more than I like most football movies).

  6. And really baseball is the biggest stats based sport of all. They all have stats..but the stats of baseball..are insane.

    Oh and for another game that has Bork Bork voices (literally) and is often fun and hilarious: Magicka. 🙂 Also if you like strategy rpg style games..its a blast.

  7. You guys should go boar hunting robert baratheon style, drunk and with a spear. Though hopefully you guys will be more successful than he was

  8. My ex-wife used to call Oblivion “That Game”. Sounds like she would have called Skyrim the same.

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