Geek in the City Radio Issue 143

There are good issues, “eh” issues, and damn fine issues. Number 143 is one of those Damn Fine Issues. After Kielen schools Aaron for still not playing more than 15 minutes of Modern Warfare 3, Dan delves deep into Diablo 3 as Scott and Aaron ask why the game has such a following. Then, Scott and Kielen regret asking Aaron just what the changes in D&D 5th Edition will mean to gamer and noobs. Also, Scott feels lamentations and hope over his Portland Trailblazers (yes, they’re Scott’s). Next, a heartfelt and sincere look back and thanks to Rick Emerson as he winds down to his final broadcast. Finally, a special installment of Fun With Race inspired by George Lucas, Red Tails, and ignorant jack-asses. Like I said, good show this week.

Don’t forget – Saturday February 4 – The Jupiter Hotel proudly presents the Geek in the City Radio Telethon of Pain – 8pm to 8am – Live!

Download Issue 143 HERE


Listening to Dan and Aaron rant about Diablo III and Diablo II is hilarious. I was a Diablo II junkie but I burned out a long time ago. I played mods on mods but didnt play the core game all that often.

That being I am not all that excited about Diablo III, because their is not much they are doing with it.

That being said if they put together some good visuals and some good CGI stuff I might still pick it up just for the visual dance.

Also in a semi related topic if Dan is diving into Diablo II again he should also look at Path of Exile. Its a diablo clone in many ways but has some very interesting internal structural changes.


Hey this show sounded much, much better! Thanks for killing the offending microphone my ears thank you!

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