Geek in the City Radio Issue 142

Greetings programs and welcome to 2012. We kick off the year with a review of Ed Brubaker’s newest comic Fatale in Pulling From Aaron’s Box. Then, a geeky preview from Dan, Scott, Kielen, Kaebel, & Aaron of what to expect in 2012 from movies, television, comics, music, and games. Then Kaebel Hashitani brings you the first, um, 1st Thursday of the year in Portland. Finally, a double-whammy Fun With Race as Sarah X Dylan asks Kielen the hard-hitting questions. All that, plus NBA trash talking and a reminder that only LeVar Burton can call himself Kunta.

Download Issue 142 HERE

3 thoughts on “Geek in the City Radio Issue 142”

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kielen King one night at a local establishment. His black level is 100%.

  2. Dude I don’t know what happened this episode but the audio levels were all over the place. I listen while at my job which is driving a big semi so it’s sometimes difficult to make out what you guys are saying. This episode damaged my hearing. There were times I could barley hear Dan of all people so I cranked it up and then Aron or Scott would cut in and they would damage my hearing. Most of the time Kaebel was talking he was very quiet as well.

    Please I love the podcast but I also like my hearing!

    Thanks guys

  3. Hey GeekTrucker. Sorry for that. We discovered EXACTLY what happened with last issue as we were about to record this weeks issue. Dying mic totally screwing the sound.

    That mic has been taken out back and shot.

    Sorry about this sir. Shouldn’t happen again.

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