Geek in the City Radio Issue 138

What happens when the crew takes a week off? You get a 2-hour show, that’s what happens. So much awesome, I’m not even going to try and be pithy. Instead, just a list. 1 – Mikey Neilson & Leia Weathington from Chronicles of the Nerds – 2 – Kaebel Hashitani & 1st Thursday – 3 – Interview with artist Norm Breyfogle – 4 – Thanksgiving Pain – 5 – Fun with Race – 6 – Birthing Dally – 7 – Straight from the Bottle – 8 – Football Fail – 9 – Bit ‘o Drinking. As always, our deepest thanks to you, the greatest listeners in the world!

Brought to you by La Brujeria #2at

Download Issue 138 HERE

5 thoughts on “Geek in the City Radio Issue 138”

  1. In the show I couldn’t reply back with secret aardvark sauce the ad’s popped up lol so I was to slow, oh well see you guys at the show.

  2. Sorry about that Demetri, that sucks. Maybe someday we’ll be able to use the no commercials ustream service. As always, thank you for your support!

  3. Thanks for answering my Fun With Race question! I’m glad you guys are funny drunks. 🙂

    FYI, there are plenty of black people in Canada. Many of them are the descendants of former slaves who reached the end of the Underground Railroad. We even had a PSA about it:

    Also, we’ve got Drake []. He used to act in a Canadian teen drama (like your teen dramas but with actual teenagers!).

    Aaaaaand that’s about it. 🙂

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