Geek in the City Radio Issue 133

Whew, this is a big one. What starts as an “angry show” turns into audio gold. First, naught but ball-bustin’ and butt-kickin’ for all. A rant about movers somehow becomes a talk about Batman: Arkham City, Arkham Asylum, and the creepiest video games. Then, Scott reviews Puss in Boots, but not before Dan gives him grief in a piratical manner. Then, a simple Fun With Race with Kielen turns into a fantastic conversation about race in superhero movies and comics. All that, and just how you will spend your Halloween weekend. A truly fun show with special guest Jamie “Master Dingo” Kirk. Thanks for listening!

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Aaron Duran is founder and head writer of, a website devoted to the latest in movies, comics, tabletop games, digital pastimes, and all things Geek. His fascination with comics, film, music, and obscure trivia has transformed into a lifelong pursuit of pop culture knowledge. A precocious writer who started out by spinning elaborate stories based on his favorite sci-fi and adventure franchises, he befuddled his grade-school teachers, who were convinced that no child could write that well at such a young age. When not hard at work on his plans for world domination, Aaron creates highly acclaimed independent films, freelances in many forms of media, explores the minutiae of pop culture, and shares his love of all things Geek with the world through his writing.
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4 Responses to Geek in the City Radio Issue 133

  1. Peter says:

    Nice issue guys. I really enjoyed the Fun With Race segment, once you finally let Kielen get to the fucking question! 🙂 Seriously though, great discussion of race in comics/comic book movies. I also want to say congrats to Mr. Duran on La Brujeria isssue 2! I love that we’re starting to get the back story on the characters and seeing the relationships between them unfold. Great work sir! Grimm?… Fuck that shit! La Brujeria!

  2. Aaron Duran says:

    Thanks Peter. It was a great conversation, once I would like to delve into more. And, thanks for your comments on La Brujeria. That is exactly what we are going for with #2. Thank you sir. It means the world to me!

  3. Peter says:

    No problem sir. While I was reading issue 2, I was thinking that La Brujeria would make a great mini-series. With a decent budget behind it, it would be amazing. Of course this is all hypothetical, but if it was made into a series, how would you feel about the character of Althalia being played by a White/Black/Asian/etc. actress? It seems that her race/ethnicity is essential to her character, but could she be played by a person of a different color if the spirit of the character stayed the same? I realize that your story is based on a specific culture, but your discussion today just got me thinking how you would handle this situation if it was presented to you?

  4. Aaron Duran says:

    First, thank you!

    As a rule, any ethnicity can play a part in a film / show / play. However, I believe if a specific culture / ethnicity is a central element to a story, then you really need to accurately cast a person that reflects that culture. Case in point, anyone could have played Daniel in Karate Kid. However, when it came to the live adaptation of Avatar, those characters should only be acted by actors of Asian ethnicity.

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