Geek in the City Radio Issue 126

Greetings programs! A fun issue this week as the crew records live from the Landmark Saloon so Scott and Kielen may partake in their Cornhole Championship Tournament. After their mighty game, Aaron sits down and has an in-depth conversation with Georges Jeanty, the talented artist on Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Dark Horse Comics. They talk about Season 8, dedicated fans, and the upcoming Season 9 premiere on September 14 at the Hollywood Things From Another World. Finally, Mailman Chris drops in to talk about some games and Kielen gives the ugly truth on dating stereotypes on Face With Race. See you all next Saturday at the Boo Yah Strikes Back on September 17 at Guardian Games. Thanks for listening and supporting the show.

Download Issue 126 HERE

One thought on “Geek in the City Radio Issue 126”

  1. Just listened to the episode were Mr. Daly was having issues with Comcast 1st I am an installer for Comcast for 13 years if there’s anything I can do please email I can or find someone who can get it resolved for you. 2nd the only reason there’s only one cable company in Portland is because of Portland it is the cable commission they are city council that over see’s cable coming into the city. They also regulate the packages that are offered. Any other question please feel free to ask me. And you have a nice day in that time frame. Bob the cable guy P.S. It might be an ID10DT problem too.

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