Geek in the City Radio Issue 110

Scott Dally is back. Old school show as Scott talks about ocean life bowing before him. Aaron talks Moriarty by Image Comics. Jenn talks Dreadfully Ever After. Everyone talks Rum with Deco Distilling. Don’t forget to check out Wonder Northwest this weekend at the Crowne Royal Plaza this weekend, May 14 & 15. Also… Scott Dally is back!

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6 thoughts on “Geek in the City Radio Issue 110”

  1. I completely disagree that Sony deserves a lawsuit. They were attacked by something advanced that they didn’t even know how to block, not by something completely of their own fault. It’s the equivalent of Seattle getting bombed off the map by a foreign country using advanced technology, and then Starbucks suing the US for not protecting them better, family of the deceased setting up a class action suit, and Capcom would be intact businesses suing the US for a drop in local population that will reduce the amount of business they attract. If it’s out of their control, people just have to accept that and suck it up no matter how much it sucks. And the “They could have done more” argument doesn’t work either, because the US government could build a bunker over the entire country, but there are certain points where you just have to hope your security is enough and call it good.

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