Geek in the City Radio Issue 109

Greetings Programs! Yes, we missed last week. But look, like all good boyfriends, we make it up to you later (and Dan will give you a beard massage). In this issue Aaron, Dan, and Kielen talk about the newest trailers for Transformers 3, Conan, and Green Lantern. Then, they are joined by Rick Emerson as they discuss his newest project – Zombie Economics – A Guide to Personal Finance, and his signing on Thursday May 12 at the Lloyd Center Barnes & Nobles. Finally, Kielen turns to the Twitters for this installment of Fun With Race, none of you are getting off light this time! As always, our thanks to Bobby Roberts for running the boards, and we’ll see you all at Free Comic Book Day!

This week’s musical breaks are:

Plasma ShellsPwn Toney

Roll a D6Assorted Intricacies

Download Issue 109 HERE

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