Geek in the City Radio Issue 103

Greetings Programs, this is one hell of a packed show. 5 members of GeekintheCity Radio bring the chaos. Kaebel recounts tales of Emerald City Comic Con. Aaron’s does a double box pulling with Batman, Inc. #3 and Venom #1, but only gets to one cause he can’t talk. Scott takes a deeper look into Deep Throat with Dally Demands. Dan creates the most awkward segue of all time. And, Pwn Tony himself brings the first live segment of Fun with Race. All that, and predictions of bowling glory as Team GeekintheCity prepare for the Pajama Bowl this Sunday at 11AM at Big Al’s in Beaverton; graciously sponsored by Shadowline Comics and Jim Valentino. Hide the ninos, it’s one of those shows!

Brought to you by Short Circuit and Guardian Games

Download Issue 103 HERE

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