Geek in the City Radio Issue 102

Greetings Programs! With Scott out with the flu, Kaebel Hashitani performs double duty as host and bringer of all things First Thursday in the great city of Portland. But first, Dan learns about the history of Aaron’s favorite conversational non-sequitur. Followed by the question of the ages: Which actor has more action figures based on separate characters? Then, we Pull From Aaron’s Box and talk about the greatest comic of all time – Axe Cop! And, a very special request from GeekintheCity to you fine listeners and readers as we attempt to raise money for the Oregon Foster Parent Association in the Sleep Country Pajama Bowl. Please help us and donate. It goes to a good cause and we’ll take pictures of that most elusive of creature: Scott Dally before noon!

Make your donations HERE (don’t forget to type in the name of your bowler: Aaron Duran, Dan Clark, Kaebel Hashitani, Scott Dally, or Pwn Tony).

As always, our deepest thanks!

Download Issue 102 HERE


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