Superbowl Comic Book Trailers

The cards are on the table as it were. Four comic book adaptations hitting your local theater this summer. Green Hornet doesn’t really count in the 2011 season, sucker was planned for something like 1983. (I know, I know – No snarky ass comments, I don’t have a sarcasm font).

We at GeekintheCity are starting to sound like a broken record, it doesn’t matter. We’re still smarting from the painful lack of a one Mr. Brian Blessed. Alas, the Frost Giants are still coming and us Asgardians must press on. Everything looks right on this one, even if you don’t like the idea of Thor and his crew being aliens. It looks cool. Still not fully sold on the story. However, Kenneth Branagh directing a flick with flying hammers, rainbow bridges, and mighty beards? Glory!

The only non-superhero flick on this list. Cowboys and Aliens might be the adaptation we’re most excited to watch. Readers have been passing this book around for years and it’s good to see it make the transition to film. Burned on his experience in Iron Man 2, it looks like Jon Favreau is having fun again; and even more impressive, he made Harrison Ford look human. Now if we could only get audiences to stop laughing at the title. Trust us, Cowboys and Aliens isn’t the joke flick the title suggests. This is the one that will tank instantly, or be the steady performer that sticks around for months.

Hard to judge a movie by one 30 second teaser. Still, for this friendly neighborhood Geek, Chris Evans is slowly eroding the doubts. The visuals look nice. Good diluted colors, which one needs with a character that charges into battle wearing the Red, White, and Blue. Staging Captain America in World War II is a smart choice and will give us viewers the perfect balance of pulp action we’re looking for. Now bring on the Red Skull focused trailer!

This is not easy to write. But you know what? This isn’t a good trailer. It’s actively working against my desire to watch the movie. Remember, this is coming from a dork with two, count them two, Green Lantern tattoos! Come on Warner Brothers, you need to knock it out of the park with ‘ol Hal and the rest of the Corps. For the first time in forever, GL is an a-list character within the DCU. Don’t friggen ruin it with your creepy muscle costumes and over stuffed plot.

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