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Holiday “Tradition” Returns…

Asked for every year, behold the return of the Die Hard drunken fan commentary. Back in the days of two (one and a half really) mics, one lonely laptop, and a wonky pre-amp. (Tossing in about 4 pounds of bacon, multiple cases of beer, and a dash of shame).

We really need to re-record this sucker (albeit a bit more sober)… Soon as we get to the bazillion other commentaries we promised out there. Hey, this would happen sooner if we got paid for it!


Download Commentary HERE480x225_nickdent

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  • Fanboy says:

    Links that should lead to awesomeness, but dont, (or, at least, not the awesome I wanted) make me sad.

    December 24, 2010 at 2:30 am

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