Geek in the City Radio Issue 90

Back from vacation, the GeekintheCity Radio boys dive right into insanity as they talk about the history of Robert E. Howard, the Hulk’s sexual proclivity, and cheap Egg Nog. Somewhere in the chaos, Pulling From Aaron’s Box with Kull issue 1 and Batwoman issue 0. Also, Kaebel Hashitani of Sequential Art Gallery provides all your 1st Thursday needs in Portland. Finally, the first part in your 2010 Geek Gift Guide. All that, and more Scott “NPR” Dally. Brought to you by and

1st Thursday events mentioned – Spacenite 23rd Annual Big 100 Art ShowCostume CostumeBest of Someday IncubatorGeeky Wonderland

Crap. Just realized we forgot the intro music. Go ahead, lay on the guilt Kielen. Crap.

Download Issue 90 HERE480x225_nickdent

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