Geek in the City Radio Issue 85

Really, with a title like that, what else could it be but GeekintheCity Radio?! In this syndication worthy issue, Aaron, Scott, and Dan talk about the strange teleportation power of a 5 year-old Saturn… Much to Fatty‘s pain. Then, a double Pulling From Aaron’s Box with the epic Avengers & Pet Avengers #1 (starring massive purple chonies) and Death’s debut in Action Comics. Next, an update on the Tron Legacy marketing and much envy directed at Dan. Finally, they boys talk about strange paranormal experiences… Most of which involved Clyde Lewis. All that and mixing whiskey and Boo Berrys.

This week’s musical breaks are:

Tres BrujasThe Sword

DerezzedDaft Punk

Don’t forget to enter your Time Traveling Comments below for a chance at winning the 25th Anniversary Back to the Future DVD set from Universal Pictures.

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12 thoughts on “Geek in the City Radio Issue 85”

  1. I would go back in time somehow, to like, 1978, and meet George Lucas, and be like “Dude, check this out” and then I’d hand him a script that I wrote, called “The Empire Strikes Back,” and he’d be like “Dude!” and I’d be like “I know” and he’d be like “Darth Vader is Luke’s Dad?” and I’d be like “Head-trip, huh.” But then I’d be like “Dude, I know what you’re thinking,” and he’d be like “What, Hurley-Bird?” and I’d be like “First, don’t call me that, dude. Second, I know you wanna do this whole thing where you follow young Anakin around as a kid and he whines a lot and there are weird bug-eyed big head things that speak like racist japanese stereotypes and a frog kangaroo thing that everyone hates?” And he’ll say “yeah dude?” and I’ll be like “Never do that or I will give you the biggest wedgie you ever had in your life and it will like, really hurt.”

    And he’ll be like “Thanks dude. This movie’s gonna be awesome” and I’ll be like “I know it is.”

  2. What do you mean “IF” I had a time machine? Hello! Time Lord! TARDIS!!!

    As to what I’d go back and fix… What do you think I’ve been doing this whole time? Just imagine what things would be like if I weren’t ALREADY fixing things in your “past”.

    Oh, humans…

  3. If I had a time machine, I would immediately set the dials for April of 1997. I’d park my stainless steel instrument of universal righteousness in front of the Garland, Texas offices of 3D Realms and tell them, in no uncertain terms, that they should NOT announce plans to develop the game Duke Nukem Forever. Furthermore, I’d inform them that the collective malice of the game-playing geek community can and will turn into a full-blow revolt after 10 years of broken promises… which will end in the untimely demise of not only Duke Nukem Forever, but 3D Realms itself.

    Oh, and I’d also track down a young Troy Duffy and kick him squarely in the nutsack. Seriously, eff that guy.


  4. If not heard the show yet, but if I had a time machine I would go back to that spot in TX and when I see the motorcave I would yell DUCK! too soon?

    Then I would go forward in time because I find it way more interesting than the past. Though I would like to meet Thomas Paine and tell him what a wonderfull person he is and bring him to the 2010’s so he can the world he help create. (he dided penyless and most of “friends” snub him near his death)

    Also I would go to susanville and give Aaron a comic to start him down the path of geekdom.

    I would try to see Daly but I think my time machine would exdploed from to much awesomeness

  5. I’d go back in time to Super Bowl XXV and tell Scott Norwood to adjust his aim just a hair to the left…

    GO COLTS!!!


  6. My pick for going back in time is going to seem all serious now, but I think it’s something we all would love to happen.

    I’d go back to early April 1990 or so and drag Jim Henson kicking and screaming to a doctor. Make him sit down, and have some medical professionals give him the once over and convince him he didn’t have some “simple cold” and start pumping some medicine and antibiotics into him.

    Don’t care if saving a life does throw off the space – time continuum. Some people go before their time. Jim Henson was one of them dammit!

  7. I’m gonna have to go with predictable but classic as I’m rewatching Firefly right now: Go in and go all River Tam on the FOX excecs.
    (Cause I’m just THAT graceful! Really! Stop laughing!)

    ps — A+ Kaebel!

  8. Time travel huh.

    On the fun side I would go back in time and make lots of money with microsoft and other tech companies. get in on the ground floor and then sell some stock today.

    I think what would be interesting is to see if you could stop the dark ages from happening. Try to skip that part and go to the renassance or even the age of reason. Though going through time and meeting the really important people of history and writing there real life story would be interesting.

  9. You may have already picked the winners for this contest and if so the first thing I would do with my Delorian of Awesome is go back and be the first entry. This way I could be a winner as well. It’s the closest in the timeline needing to be fixed so obviously it would be first.

    Second, change last Tuesday. Seriously. And I’d definitely tell myself not to buy everything in 1999 available for the “best game system ever that will forever be supported by Sega because it will OWN”. Yeah. They still make games for the Dreamcast right?

    But, as Doc said, gotta be careful or you’ll cause a paradox. Otherwise, I’d pretty much change a lot. So…difficult…to use…super powers…for…good.

  10. Scott,

    What where you doing at Frito-Lay at 5:45am? I work there, so I agree with shooting the wiskey after that. Oh wait you where at their Health fair representing your company. Man, now I am like fully kicking myself because I went home early that day.

    Well, Keep up the podcast.

    BTW: Dan, Where is my copy of God Damn Batman?


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