Geek in the City Radio Issue 83

In this issue of GeekintheCity Radio, Bobby Roberts does double-duty as Dan Clark goes on a piratical assignment. First – Aaron, Scott, and Bobby dive into all the DC news on TV and Cinema. Then, a special contest for a Roger Corman DVD prize pack followed by a vengeance-filled installment of Pulling From Aaron’s Box. Finally, an epic and nerdtastic commentary of the 10 Best Horror Films of the Last Decade! Only on GeekintheCity Radio!

Brought to you by Things From Another World and OryCon 32

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Great show! really enjoyed hear mr bobby again. Some nice good geek time stuff. Though now I have some other movies to watch this happy and sppoky season.


Very good show, guys. Loved all the movie chatter. I am fairly certain if Michael Bay directed a Superman movie, it might be fun for him to poke at Doomsday. I am holding out hope for the Batman villian to be penguin. Easily fits with the mob related themes of the previous two, no? Even got the actor in mind…

Looking forward to some new horror flicks to check out. I would have thrown Paranormal Activity into the ring though.

I am honestly not sure on the contest answer but I say Coppola.


Interesting picks on your horror film list. And agree that Shaun is a comedy with zombies (as was Zombieland). And I loved the “What’s wrong with Aaron” double feature, as those are two of my favorite horror films of the decade.

[REC]2 wasn’t that good, IMO. It felt like a 90 minute preview for the final film (to be released in 2012 after the prequel, according to what I’ve read). Some nice haunting moments and some good scares, but by the third act, it just falls apart.

And no love for Quarantine? Better character development, some pretty nice gore and set pieces makes this a fun one. Is [REC] better? On some levels, yes, but not in others. I thought both are a lot of fun.

Was a lot of fun to listen to. Keep up the great stuff.

Marcus Kaller

Great show. Here is another great monster that came out in the last decade: The Host, which was made in South Korea. This was the Godzilla movie we always wanted, and it’s a Kraken-like creature that attacks Korea. Very good stuff.

Gale Anne Hurd is my final answer.

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