Geek in the City Radio Issue 82

This is one hell of an issue of GeekintheCity Radio, fueled by Rum, Old Tom Gin, and superhero glory. First, the crew dives headfirst into fanboy realm with talk of Zack Snyder’s Superman: The Man of Steel. Then, Scott gives a review of The Social Network. A dual Pulling From Aaron’s Box with the gorgeous Batman: Hidden Treasures and Fantastic Four In…Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K.! Then, Benja Barker and Kaebel Hashitani talk about the Heroes / Villains Ceasefire event on October 9 at the Paradise Dance Studio (at 826 SE Belmont). Finally, Kaebel talks about all the great First Thursday Events throughout the City of Roses. Only on GeekintheCity Radio!

1st Thursday Events mentioned on this week’s issue: Merrick Monroe’s Urban OrchestraJohnny Ryan’s Prison Pit 2Monsterbation Group Show3rd Annual Halllowe’en BazaarDave Cooper’s Bent SundaySomeday: IncubatorThrill the World & 6th Annual Zombie Walk

Download Issue 82 HERE480_zenegeek

Kyle Newton

Another awesome show guys. 2 hours of GITC goodness is fantastic. Thanks for the on-air mention as well!

Thoughts for the sound board:
– Aaron’s “Shut the hell up Dally!”
– Fadality
– Cock stepping
– Hobo rape thatch (but maybe should stay in the archives)
– Various words to agree: Huzzah, Yar, Si, etc

Samuel Wills

Hey Guys, great show. Heard that your sponsors like comments put in the comments page, so here is me adding to your comments section. Also, I heard that Dan still had one more issue of “Gods Damn Pirate Batman” and if it is still up for grabs I would like to put my name on that and that drink or bottle of rum just don’t till the OLCC right 😉 Keep up the great podcast.

Capt. Ron Jeremy POTC


Dammit. I knew I was going to get called out on that one. Alright Capt. Ron, email me yer address and you’ll get my LAST copy of God Damn Pirate Batman #0. No rum though… I drink a lot.

Fair winds!

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