Sometimes, Zed is Better…

It will take a serious bit of willpower to not call in sick Tuesday… Just so I can plant my butt in front of the Xbox 360 and blaze through this little gem:

To my knowledge, The Sacrifice is one of the first DLCs usable on either version of a video game. That’s right, only own Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2? No worries, The Sacrifice will play on either. ‘Course, if you don’t own both, there is a good chance you aren’t all that excited to begin with. What to do while you wait for Tuesday? Pop on over to Valve and check out the gorgeous The Sacrifice comic from Michael Oeming.

Then, just a few weeks later. The whole reason I’ve hung onto Red Dead Redemption hits the DLC. (Don’t get me wrong, the game has a grip of replay value with all the online options. I’m just not a big online gamer). Unless, of course, I’m hunting the Gawd Damn Undead! Undead Nightmare hits the dirty west and I can’t wait to skin ma’ smokewagon and put some friggen zombies back into the dirt:

Look for a review from both as they break. Until next time. Aim for the head!480_zenegeek

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