Three for Me – September 29

There are literally dozens (sometimes hundreds) of new books that hit your local comic book shop every Wednesday. These are the three you might want to check out for September 22, 2010…

Machete #0 – IDW


I have no idea if Robert Rodriquez’s glorious Mexploitation flick will work well on the page, but I damn well want to find out. Not your typical “how did Machete become Machete” tale, as we kinda’ saw that in the reflection of Steven Seagal’s katana. (Bionic katana mind you). Penned by filmmakers Rodriguez and Kaufman, Machete promises a high body and boob count. We’re in!

Action Comics #893 – DC Comics


Honestly, this might be the only title from DC this week worth dropping your hard coin. (Vertigo has some strong entries this week, not so much from the parent company). Indeed, the last few months of Action Comics has been a fantastic ride. Under writer Paul Cornell and artist Pete Woods, Lex Luthor’s obsessive quest for all the Lantern power rings has been a welcome surprise. Who would of thought in 2010, Action Comics could still brings the four-color fun. Superman / Shuperman, I want my adventures of Lex. With a follow up story about Jimmy Olson, penned by the rising star behind Morning Glories, Nick Spencer, Action Comics #893 is my prediction of the week. Oh, it also stars Grodd! Sweet.

Terminator 1984 #1 – Dark Horse Comics


From Zack Whedon and Andy MacDonald, an intriguing tale of another time traveler doing his duty to protect the future. Terminator 1984 reads like an expanded script from James Cameron. Revolving around Kyle Reese’s friend, Ben, Terminator 1984 is a much slower build than the run and gun film. Exploring the earliest days of Skynet, Terminator 1984 explores another aspect of the original film. Taken together, the original film and this new issue from Dark Horse Comics makes for a full Directors Cut experience of the series.


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