Three For Me – August 25, 2010

While there are literally dozens (sometimes hundreds) of new books that hit your local comic book shop every Wednesday – These are the three you can’t miss for the week of August 25, 2010…

Batman 702 – DC Comics

Part 2 of the “bridging the gap” story from Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis, Grant Morrison goes back to explain just what happened to Bruce Wayne after he took out the exact same villain from Morrison’s Gothic, took out a completely original villain threatening the Wayne name. All so Batman could defeat Darkseid in Morrison’s Rock of Ages story, completely original Darkseid story, Final Crisis. A fan? Not so much, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know just how the hell Grant will write himself out of this one… Even if it took him damn near three years. On the plus side, and this is an epic plus side; Tony Daniel’s art is damn near perfection and is worth the price alone.

Namor: The First Mutant – Marvel Comics

Okay, fine, I will admit it here. I like ocean characters. Aquaman? Completely awesome in a totally non-ironic way. Namor, King of Atlantis (and world class hard-ass)? Love him too. There, my secret comic shame it out. Deal with it fanboys. With all that in mind, I wasn’t so sure of this new book from the House of Ideas. 1 – Still ain’t sold on the vampire vs. X-Men thing. 2 – Still don’t like calling Namor a mutant (but that is a wanky fanboy’ism on my part).  Know what I do like? That Marvel is giving ‘ol feather feet his own title. And, issue one is off to one hell of a start. I mean, it has falling kingdoms, vampires, and tentacled horror! It was as if they tapped into my DM portion of my brain and made a wicked ass comic. Dig it True Believers!

Dracula in the Company of Monsters – Boom! Studios

High, I’m hypocrite man. I just got done lamenting vampires in a Marvel title, and here I am talking about one that features the frakkin’ king of vampires – Dracula! Oh well. I dig this idea. A massive international corporate decides it needs the ultimate edge in business. That edge? Hells yes, the leader of the Order of the Dragon himself. But, you don’t survive for centuries as the ultimate baddy without knowing some tricks, and this company is gonna’ find out the hard way. The book has a 1970s Tomb of Dracula vibe to it, and in this era of emotional vampires, there is something wonderful about a Dracula that just wants to kick your ass and steal your women!


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