Best. Saturday. Ever.

Let’s just start the awesomeness in chronological order.

Awesome the 1st – Comic book creators Taki Soma and Michael Avon Oeming will be signing at the Hollywood Things From Another World on Saturday, June 26 from 1:00-3:00 p.m.!

Soma and Oeming recently collaborated on Rapture, a limited series from Dark Horse Comics, called “A stylistic delight” by Broken Frontier and “. . . a compelling tale about the boundaries of humanity” by MTV. Eisner Award-winning artist Oeming is also the co-creator of Powers, with Brian Michael Bendis, and The Mice Templar, with Bryan J. L. Glass.


In addition to signing their works, Oeming will be offering black-and-white, single-figure sketches for $40, with all proceeds benefiting the Hero Initiative, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book creators, writers and artists in need. So come on down, meet this dynamic duo, and support a good cause! Complimentary snacks and sodas will be provided.

Awesome the 2nd – Now in their 5th year, the great people at PDX Browncoats present; Can’t Stop the Serenity at the Clinton Street Theater. As always, all the money raised goes to Equality Now and a food drive, with all foods going to the Oregon Food Bank.


So, not only will you get to enjoy Serenity, Serenity: Special Hell (making a special appearance the second year in a row, the new and improved), Browncoats: Redemption, River Tam Sessions, and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog; you’ll be helping your community as well. Check out PDX Browncoats for details.

Awesome the 3rd – Not even gonna’ tease… The Funemployment Radio Listener Party! At 8pm (though you better get there early) at the Balcony Bar in the Hawthorne Theater on 3862 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard. You’ve been listening for over 150 episodes, now is your chance to experience the crazy and wonderful live and in-person! What will happen? One never knows…


Will the Spammer finally be Romanced with precious tidings and fingerings? Will you survive the Too Hot For Podcast Lisa and Brian Wood Tale? Will Sarah be guilted into giving out her phone number? Will Greg morph into Bob Johnson before your eyes? Will I do something really dorky and blame it on the 4 Loko the next day? (Hint: Probably). Only one way to find out… Saturday, June 26th at the Balcony Bar in the Hawthorne Theater on 3862 Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard.

The 1st ever Funemployment Radio (.com) Listener Party. Be there or face the Wrath of Meth Neighbors! 🙂

Oh, this really should go without saying, but you gotta’ be 21 for the party.


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