Red Dead Repemption – Entertains & Asks…

From Rockstar Games – Director John Hillcoat (director of The Proposition and The Road) brings you this Red Dead Redemption short film.  The 30 minute short is a glimpse inside the life of partially reformed outlaw John Marston as he journeys through the vanishing American west seeking out his former brothers in arms, all in the name of justice.  Not using actors to recreate moments in the game or back story (as in the entertaining Halo shorts), Hillcoat only used in-game footage.

More than a really fun short, I think it also re-opens a barely closed can of worms. Being Ebert’s argument that video games can never be art. Then again, does this flick even count as a game anymore, or are we simply watching a CGI short? Which, in turn, asks another question. Why bothering spending time and money on a live production of a video game adaptation when a good director, editor, and CG staff can create a compelling tale? Thanks to Rockstar Games for the flick.


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