More Fun From Midnight Syndicate!

Ed and the rest of the creative folks at Midnight Syndicate have been friends of for a good long time now. So, whenever I hear more about their ambitious movie project, The Dead Matter – I get excited! You might too after watching this:

Who are Midnight Syndicate? You can check out some of our earlier reviews (here) and interviews (here). The short answer is this; Midnight Syndicate is a dedicated group of people that got tired of the standard Halloween horror “music” and decided to make honest and atmospheric music. That was over 13 years ago and they never looked back. I could go on and on, but it might be best to let the masters take over from here!

Midnight Syndicate Films has announced plans to release a special edition of The Dead Matter DVD that will include two bonus CDs by gothic Halloween music artists Midnight Syndicate.  It will be available at all Hot Topic stores nationwide on July 30th.  The specially-priced set will include The Dead Matter DVD, the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD by Midnight Syndicate, and a new Midnight Syndicate 13th Anniversary greatest hits CD entitled Halloween Music Collection.   Midnight Syndicate Films has also released a new official trailer for The Dead Matter movie which can be viewed at the film’s revamped website, and YouTube.


The Dead Matter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD contains the score composed by the film’s director, Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate, as well as several limited-edition remixes of Midnight Syndicate songs and other music that appears in the film from bands like Lazy Lane, HipNostic, and Eternal Legacy.   Midnight Syndicate’s Halloween Music Collection CD features over 60 minutes of songs hand-picked by Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka to celebrate the band’s first 13 years.   Both new CDs will also be available at Halloween retailers nationwide in August.


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