Forget the New, Secret, or Mighty Avengers…

…These be the Masked Avengers! Brought to you by Dan with the Grindhouse Film Festival!

This Wednesday night at 7:30 at the Hollywood Theatre (just across the street from this awesome place), don’t miss the next movie in the Revenge of the Old School Kung Fu Masters series: MASKED AVENGERS!  Some guy on imdb calls this movie “the stone coldest flick I’ve ever seen!”  It’s a perfect endorsement. This is the team that inspired Brian Michael Bendis to make Luke Cage a badass again!*

MASKED AVENGERS (1981) The Venom Mob is back!  A gang of blood-drinking kung fu villains wear wicked devil masks and kill at will.  A group of heroes set out to stop them, and are catapulted into vicious kung fu mayhem.  The gang takes up residence in a booby-trapped laden temple that sets the stage for a series of bloody battles and gruesome impalements.  The funkdafied kung fu showdown is guaranteed to melt your brain out of your skull.


*Okay, totally made that up – But who cares, this movie is truly epic and we demand you all watch it!


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