News on New A.Z. Episodes… Kinda.

Before everyone gets excited – First – Thank you for still being excited. For still being excited for a show that only lasted eight episodes over 16 weeks in 2009. Not to compare myself to the great Joss, but now I (and my friend and co-creator Jayesunn Krump) know how it feels to have such rabid and awesome fans. Our deepest of thanks. Second – The news is not what you are hoping for, at least not yet. Yes, we are in the most early of stages in bringing A.Z. back, but to tell you more wouldn’t be fair to you or Jayesunn and I, since it may still take a long time to get it off the ground (or, from under the ground as it were).

Anyway, what we can tell you is that certain elements of A.Z. that you know will not be the same. However, as a fan that knows how annoying it can be when a show just leaves you hanging, we have one small token of appreciation. We have the “un-filmed” lost episode of A.Z. And so, with that in mind we at present the first ever poll:

Regardless of your decision (of which we will adhere and honor), you have our deepest thanks. It still shocks and humbles us that even after all this time, not a week goes by that we don’t receive an email from a listener asking about the return of A.Z. (and The Crimson Mist). Our deepest of thanks.

Keep tuning in – And remember – Aim for the head, one less Zed.


6 thoughts on “News on New A.Z. Episodes… Kinda.”

  1. I was going to drop you a note and see if there is any ways I can help bring A.Z. back. I loved you were able to use the theme I created for the series and would love to help bring it back. Anything you need. SFX, Post work, Actors. You name it.


  2. It was a live radio drama from early 2009 with what was once CBS Portland, on AM 970. It was about a group of survivors (and non-arc) stories about Portland after the zombie apocalypse. A.Z. simply stood for “After Zombies”. Pretty sure if you search CBS Radio Theater in iTunes, it still sits there. (A certain radio conglomerate never removed them). If they are gone, I’m going to upload my high bitrate copies to a server for folks.

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