Geek in the City Radio Issue 57 – Superteams – Zombie Authors – Nemesis!

We use the word EPIC a whole lot on this show. And this show is no different! First, Scott and Dan talk about strange encounters at Devil’s Point. Then, Aaron sits down with Dawn of the Dreadfuls author Master Steve Hockensmith – with a special appearance by Jane Austin. Then, the Lovely Jenn sits in and gives her review of Dawn of the Dreadfuls. Next, GeekintheCity Radio debuts it’s newest segment – Pulling From Aaron’s Box where we review Nemesis by Mark Millar. Finally, Dan Clark breaks down how you’re gonna’ be spending your Gamestorm weekend!


And – if you want to win your own copy of Dawn of the Dreadfuls – Email the answer to this simple question: Scott Dally finally earns a superhero name. What is it? Send your answers to

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2 thoughts on “Geek in the City Radio Issue 57 – Superteams – Zombie Authors – Nemesis!

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  2. While I disapprove of Wizkidz reproducing Heroclix and their god-awful models, Horrorclix had some decent models worth using for miniatures. Before DnD miniatures, I used several of the monsters I bought for visual props on an undead campaign and several others (vampire, demon). The game itself was garbage and the price for the figures was too high (I think they were $10 retail), but the figures were pretty good.

    Besides that rant, great show, and who really stalks you guys? There was talk of Mr. Dally having to worry about people finding out where he lives and such. I never knew such a thing had to be worried about. I mean, by definition, anyone seeking this show out is stalking (I’m very literal with words), but of course you mean the rummaging through people’s garbage and stuff. Has there been a situation of stalking for you guys?

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