Of Name Changes & Branding, or…

Oh Comcast, why must you think your customers are dumb?

I have been a cable subscriber since 1989, first with TCI, then AT&T Broadband, and now Comcast. I have used their Internet Service in my home, for about 30 days, that was when my mom got the bill for the Internet Service that was four times the amount quoted, and I was been complaining that the connection only worked for about 30 minutes a day. I have also subscribed to Comcast for TV and Internet while living in Oregon, with few issues, except for their policy at the time of only allowing one computer to use one internet connection, period. At present, I work for my local independent telephone company, in the Internet Tech Support department. My employer is a competitor to Comcast in many areas, but my opinions are my own, not those of my employers.

Xfinity, that is the new name Comcast subscribers will be seeing on their bills. Why? Because some marketing people at Comcast think that if they rename the service, customers, especially new ones, will forget what they have heard or perceive about Comcast. Granted, Comcast is the owner of G4, the geekiest place on television, and is attempting to buy NBCUniversal, home of SyFy, USA, and the NBC Networks, however it has a long and bumpy history with its ‘primary’ focus as a Cable provider. The name sounds like something a 5 year old would shout when trying to say “Infinity” and the logo looks like something, that at some point was coo. Alas, has been processed through so many marketing meetings that it is only a shell of its former self, much like Alienware. This re-branding is so blatant, that I suspect it to have a large number of entries on Fail Blog come Tuesday morning.

The Cable TV, Internet, Digital Telephone, and Wireless 4G Internet services will all be falling under this new Xfinity name. Why the name change? In the markets that Xfinity will first appear, which include Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Hartford, Augusta, Chattanooga, and parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, Comcast will be able to offer 50Mbps Internet Packages to all customers for the first time. While these services are good, and in many areas, leaps and bounds above what their competitors can, or do, offer; Does it really require a name change?

While I can see this as a milestone you want to celebrate, I can’t understand the logic of spending the money required to update all the set-top boxes with the new name, repaint the trucks, and change the signs on the buildings. I would much rather Comcast keep their name, and focus their money on working to reorganize their lineups so I can get the channels I want, without have to pay $60 a month, and improve the access to HD Networks, instead of relying on the On-Demand services. Until that happens, I’ll live with my $18 a month cable, with just local channels, Discovery, CBC, and Travel Channel (digital only).


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  1. When Xfinity came out, I thought it was Comcast’s new pay-per-view movie package or something (they don’t even have a new one). I almost threw my cable bill into the fire if it wasn’t for a friend telling me to open it for the lulz. Damn those Comcast douches. Also, go Senator Franken!

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