Wee Bit ‘O Housekeeping

Greetings Programs. First, the bad news. Due to rogue dog tales and power cords, there won’t be a new Issue of GeekintheCity Radio this week, to make up for it we’ve already startted planning for a double-sized annual for next week!

But now the good news. GeekintheCity is hiring! Kinda.

We’re looking for someone with a passion for music to be the sites next Music Review Geek. We’ve got a stack of scores coming our way with nary the personal to listen and review them. Maybe that person is you? The pay? Well, that all depends on how many people read and respond to your reviews. That, and you get to keep all the CDs we receive. (Trust me, if you’re into movie scores, that is a lot of CDs).

So, if you want to take a shot at Internet glory (heh), head on over to the Contact page and drop me a line.


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