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Longtime readers and listeners will know that your friendly neighborhood Geek is a big fan of the folks at Midnight Syndicate. One, because I admire any group that truly busts their butt to make a product they’re passionate about. Two, it was so nice to have music beyond Rush and Wagner to play during my D&D and Vampire games. Ahem. Anyway, when we at GeekintheCity learned the folks at Midnight were making a Hammer Studio inspired horror film, and it starred Sex Machine, well we got all kinds of giddy!

Now if you chance to join this film. To make sure I don’t garble their “official rules” and such (which the folks at TFAW are painfully aware of my skill in doing so) here is the press release, direct from the morbid masters themselves:

The Dead Matter movie to be released on July 30th.  Midnight Syndicate gives filmmakers chance to have their work featured on The Dead Matter DVD and win prizes with their 13th Anniversary Video Contest.

(Cleveland, OH) Midnight Syndicate Films has announced that The Dead Matter movie and soundtrack will be released on July 30th.  Production on an interactive website that allows fans to delve deeper into the world and characters they will encounter in the movie is underway.  A set of three new trailers, the first of which will be released in February is also in production along with a mini-documentary produced by Smudgeline Productions and other behind-the-scenes featurettes.  All of these items and more special features to be announced soon will be included on the DVD release.

Midnight Syndicate Halloween Music is hosting a 13th Anniversary Video Contest where filmmakers and animators can create a silent film or music video to an existing Midnight Syndicate track.  The winner will be featured on “The Dead Matter” DVD as well as win prizes from sponsors: Screamline Studios, Conquest Graphics, Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps, Van Helsing’s Curse Halloween music, and Midnight Syndicate.   Other finalists will also win prizes and special promotions.

Judges include legendary frontman and horror fan Dee Snider (Twisted Sister, Strangeland), Horror FX-legends Tom Savini (Friday the 13thDusk Till Dawn) and Robert Kurtzman (producer From Dusk Till Dawn, KNB FX, Wishmaster), as well as Edward Douglas (The Dead Matter) and Gavin Goszka of Midnight Syndicate and producer director Gary Jones (Xena, Hercules, Boogeyman 3).

Additional information on the video contest can be found at  The official rules are posted at

Spread the word. I know Portland is neck deep in creative types and this is your chance to prove it. Plus, making it silent means you don’t have to face the bane of every single Team GeekintheCity’s entry in the 48 Hour Film Fest… Frakking sound! Seriously. Damn.

Tune in next time when we talk about drunk Irish zombies and ask if Comic Book Superheroes really can go home again.


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