Geek in the City Radio Issue 42 – Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warefare 2, and Douglas Adams Review!

Greetings programs! On this estrogen fueled issue of GeekintheCity Radio, Aaron is joined by Kristen Bowie and the Lovely Jenn while Scott fights Andorian Antenna Flu. First, Kristen Bowie talks about life in the employed world while Aaron just nods with confusion. Next, the Lovely Jenn steps in to review And Another Thing, the sixth book in the increasingly misnamed Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy. Can Eoin Colfer fill the frood shoes of the late, great Douglas Adams? Then, Aaron and Kristen dive into uber game nerdality with their reviews of Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. Only on GeekintheCity Radio!

This weeks musical breaks are:

A Geek Like Me (live)The Wonderstrucks

So Long, And Thanks For All the FishJoby Talbot

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Transform and Download!

Transform and Download!

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5 thoughts on “Geek in the City Radio Issue 42 – Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warefare 2, and Douglas Adams Review!

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  2. Kristen Bowie = PC Gamer = I’m In Love

    Personally there are a lot of flaws with Modern Warfare 2, but it is decent enough to where you don’t have a heart attack of rage on your screen. A large percentage of the guns are useless/inaccurate to their real life specs. Guns like the FAMAS is just a watered down version of the M16 you can unlock later and so on with other weapon categories. They do an injustice to the Walter Sniper Rifle by making it a two shot sniping gun and making it not the most accurate weapon. Two things that that gun isn’t known for. The knifing system they did in the gun blows; It’s basically playing Halo 1/2/3. Get too close and just knife since it takes a millisecond to pull out your knife even if your gun requires two hands to carry and your knife is not even located near an area for you to pull that stuff off. That’s just me nitpicking, but if you want a modern Halo 3, the new Call Of Duty game is a good pick.

    Also, I find the argument over Final Fantasy 7 versus 8 often the same way people complain about Breath Of Fire 3 being better than 4: Whichever game you play first, you prefer that one over the other. I bought FF8 and played that game first, and despised 1-7. Yet everyone I know who has played FF7, hates 8 with a passion yet can tolerate 10. I don’t have the nerd rage I once had to debate over it, but it seems to be a common theme to the dicks who have to hate a game and share to the world it was utter crap in their eyes. Both FF7 and 8 were good and the exact same game, just done in a different style. Two emo heroes, semi modern/advanced world ala steampunk, different fighting system.

  3. Let it be known to all that Kristen and Aaron’s ever amazing insight and wisdom led me to rejoin the Xbox 360 community after an 18 month hiatus… and now I have no social life at all except for the one that requires that I use this obnoxious headset. God bless America and podcasters.

  4. Hear that Microsoft and all potential advertisers?! By the mere power of mine (and a hot gamer chick’s) words… A longtime XBL curmudgeon returns! 🙂

    Now Robert, when do we strut out and start fraggin’ some Zeds?!

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