Live Like a Mehfugee!

Greetings programs! Just wanted to thank both the Rick Emerson Show and the Cort and Fatboy Show for years of entertainment, friendship, and support. Your friendly neighborhood Geek has no doubts that they will all return bigger, faster, stronger! (Or, in C&F case, mediocreter)! Some great fans have already brought back the Cort and Fatboy message boards, you can find it here:


It is a great place to reconnect with fans and the gang. Also, you can find links to all the previous podcasts and keep up to date on all pending Cort and Fatboy events! (What, you really think they were gonna’ stop)?! Want proof?

November Midnight Movie - November 6
November Midnight Movie - November 6

The Midnight Movies keep rolling on, but now with 100% less Taco Bell “hip-hop” commercials! Boo yaa!

On a personal note. My deepest thanks to everyone. I’ve been entertained. I’ve been allowed to talk about my comic book passion. But, better than anything, I made some great friends. This is but another step towards true greatness!

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