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Still Need A Party?!

What are you doing sitting here reading this site? (I mean, I know is made of Awesome and BooYaa, but get out and party fools. It is Halloween)! Okay, let me help you out if you don’t have any … Continue reading

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The “Downfall” of KUFO…

Yet another reason why Bruno Ganz should receive some Internet Meme Lifetime Achievement Award…or something. To my friends Rick, Cort, Bobby, Tim, Greg, & Sarah; I give you Internet fame! Enjoy. Share. Mock. Comment. Forward.

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Geek in the City Radio Issue 39 – Final GitC Horror Show!

Thrill as Aaron, Scott, & Dan delve into their favorite whimsical horror films. (Well, except Dan, but it isn’t his fault). Then, kick back and chill as Aaron talks about Michael Jackson’s final performance in the film This Is It. … Continue reading

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The Horror – The (Definitive) Horror!

Someday, when makes me freakishly rich (stop laughing, it could totally happen) I  want to take a trip to Prague. Not for the culture. Not for the history. Not for their love of Paprika. No. I want to see … Continue reading

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This Is It – Last Dance With MJ

Clear your head.  Check at the door any opinions you might have about Michael Jackson’s personal life, cosmetic surgery, or wardrobe.  This documentary concert film is all about his ability to be one of the most mesmerizing entertainers in history.  … Continue reading

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