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A few years ago I wrote about helping an Oregon National Guardsman buy some D&D books to bring back to Iraq. In the years that passed, I learned of many Geek groups that send RPGs to the troops all over the world. (From my own personal experience, the military has more Geeks per-capita than any other career). Anyway, I am very pleased to tell folks about owner  Michael and the rest of the crew at Bridge City Comics and their quest to send comics to the troops.


You can donate funds to send boxes, or donate your own books. Based on my own experience in shipping comics to the troops, please only send complete story arcs or graphic novels. (Because being away from home sucks enough, but it sucks more if you don’t get to learn how a story ends). Also, many of these countries have strict morality laws that prevent some comics from entering the country. Any superhero book is generally safe though, and sites like Any Soldier have a list of content you can and can’t send.

If you don’t live in Portland but still want to help, pop on over to Any Soldier, they will give you ways to help no matter where you live.


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