Need Some Geek!

Greetings Programs.

Rarely does your friendly neighborhood Geek ask for help (except when padding local “Best Of” events), but he needs one now. And, in the scheme of things, this favor helps us all.

If you live in the Portland area and you have a Geek event coming up, be it movie, comic, toy, music, technology, or any pop culture theme; I’d love to hear about it. When I first started back in my early (dot) blogspot days, I wanted to highlight events the local “mainstream media” missed or ignored. That goal hasn’t changed to this day. What has changed is my ability to scour the Internets and local groups to discover these Geek events. Yup, that is where you come in. Drop me a line on the Contact page of this very site. I will read every single submission, most will find their way onto, while big events will find their way onto the Rick Emerson Show every Friday on KUFO with The Week in Geek!

This is also a good chance to thank everyone that helped turn this little corner of the ‘net into the fantastically nerdy site that it is today. We couldn’t do it without the besy damn audience ever.

/End of Line.


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