Comic Con Viral Goodness Returns! (updated 7/24)

Now that the 2009 San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, the inevitable presence of glorious viral marketing is leaking out from all corners of the Con floor. We’ll do our best to keep tabs on which ARG’s (that’s Alternate Reality Games) are worth your time, so keep checking back to Geek in the City for updates!

Tron 2

Update 7/24 (really freaking early)

It looks like the hints at a return of Flynn’s Arcade were true, as Comic Con attendees learned earlier this evening. Starting at 9:30 PM at a gathering point across the street from the Convention Center, hundreds of Tron fans began an elaborate scavenger hunt through the streets of downtown San Diego. Their final destination?


This reproduction of Flynn’s Arcade apparently included an impressive spread of retro gaming cabinets, including Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers… and Space Paranoids! Playing the Space Paranoids game unlocked a series of codes, allowing fans at home to enter them into a recently-discovered hidden section of the ‘Flynn Lives’ website.  Once all five codes have been unlocked, the ARG will likely continue.  If you’re reading this and are in San Diego for Comic Con, we’ve learned that Flynn’s Arcade will be open to the public every night of the Con from 9pm – 1am!

Not that playing Space Paranoids and helping to unlock more secrets isn’t enough of a reason to check out the Arcade, how about this?  A full-scale replica of the new light cycles from Tron: Legacy!

More to come, we’re sure…

Original post 7/23

Last year, Disney shocked SDCC attendees by premiering an unannounced teaser trailer for Tron 2.  Since then, little has leaked on this heavily-anticipated sequel. Of course, studios attending Comic Con favor properties that are entrenched in hardcore fandom, which fits the Tron legacy perfectly. A week ago, writers for a number of websites received an unmarked envelope containing two things… a USB flash drive and a single token for “Flynns Arcade”. Further inspection of the USB drive revealed two new websites (click each image)…


The countdown clock at will expire at 9:30 Pacific tonight and shows a meetup location of “the cul de sac at 1st & J Streets”. This of course is directly across the street from the San Diego Convention Center. Could we be in store for another Joker-esque scavenger hunt? Whatever is planned, chances are it will stretch far beyond SDCC, as Tron 2 isn’t schedule to hit theaters until 2011.


The Roland Emmerich-directed disaster flick is capitalizing on the popularity of our impending apocalypse by launching a few nifty websites in San Diego. chronicles the travels of Charlie Frost, a man determined to warn the rest of humanity that the Mayans were right.  Also, the Institute for Human Continuity offers help in preparing us mortals for a post-2012 world.

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District 9

This Peter Jackson-produced alien flick created quite a buzz at last year’s SDCC with its “Humans Only” signs plastered everywhere on the Con floor, from restrooms to hallways.  Since then, a few websites have been launched allowing fans to follow along with the fiilm’s story.  You can skim through the secret blog of an alien visitor, read the official site for the government body in charge of alien containment or catch a birds-eye-view of the District 9 itself. This year,  District 9 takes center stage a massive truck (for containment?) and rumors of a special screening of the film tonight.


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  1. A brief update. According to reports from the Disney panel that just completed, the official title for Tron 2 is “Tron: Legacy”.

  2. Hm, I kinda’ prefer something more “l33ty”… Like “Tr2n”…or perhaps “MCP Pwn3s UR base”

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