Whiteout Trailer… Finally!

I’ve been a huge fan of both Whiteout and Whiteout: Melt (and eagerly await the 3rd). When I learned of a film adaptation based on the Eisner Award winning book by Portland locals Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber, I went into fanboy overdrive. Up to and including pestering Steve for any tidbits whenever I ran into him and being the Nicest Guy in Comics (that is his official title by the way, ask pretty much anyone). Sadly, his reply was always “dude, if I had news I’d tell ya”. Well, we fans finally got a trailer!

Okay, now that you’ve seen the trailer, I want to fill you all in with some very important information. Contrary to what the trailer attempts to convey (in my rarely humble opinion), Whiteout is not a horror film. It isn’t a slasher movie. It isn’t any kind of monster movie. Whiteout is a very tightly written and illustrated piece of noir fiction. Please Dark Castle, don’t pitch this movie as a horror flick starring that chick from Underworld. Hopefully Kate turns in a good performance of Carrie Stetko, I’ll even forgive you guys for not casting the actress we fans wanted.

Anyway, now that you’ve watched the trailer, I demand you all go out and buy the graphic novels.

3 thoughts on “Whiteout Trailer… Finally!”

  1. Wow, saw this at San Diego 07! They’ve been sitting on this for so long I hope it turns out for the best.

  2. From what I learned. The delay wasn’t due to any quality or re-shoot issues. Something happened at the studio side after the movie was complete. I think that is why you now see Dark Castle attached as the distributor, I don’t think they were the original company. Curious to know what happened.

  3. ive been waiting on word for a long time, great story to read. But somthing always happens to good comics when they are transfered to the screen.

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