The Phantom Menace Commentary

After a (date unknown) hiatus, the Film Fever Fan Commentary returns with the Force! Ten years ago, George Lucas raised and then crushed thousands of adult fanboys (and girls) with Episode I – The Phantom Menace. And now, GeekintheCity Radio watches the film with more mature eyes. How has the film held up? Gotta’ download to learn. Special thanks to our guests Mailman Chris, Aaron Barnard, Dan Clark and the awesome Bobby Roberts! Turn in next month when Film Fever takes a look at the original Transformers movie!

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2 thoughts on “The Phantom Menace Commentary”

  1. Hey guys! Had to let you know I just finished the commentary with the film and I haven’t had that good a time with episode 1 in a long time. I loved the discussion. Fatboy was a great moderator.

    Funny, I actually found myself trying to answer some of the questions. It was interesting with all the different points of view, the pluses and negatives of the film’s impact and love/hate relationship we all have with it. Dug it and waiting for more!

  2. The Phantom Menace commentary was really exceptional, guys. Plenty of snark and ridicule, but also some reasoned assessment of the movie’s flaws, plus a little straight-up geeking out at the few key moments of genuine coolness. Add the excellent discussions on the nature of fandom and TPM’s pop-cultural footprint, and I came away one very satified SW/GITC fan.

    Plus you still managed to get in a DannyGlover’sDickBlood riff, which is always gold. 🙂

    A couple of 2centses, if I may…

    1) I agree that the film’s biggest single flaw is the lowering of Anakin’s age and subsequent casting of Jake Lloyd. It sends shock waves through every other aspect of the story and production, causing all kinds of problems that could have so easily been avoided.

    2) I disagree that non-disappearing Qui Gon was, as someone opined, a lapse of memory on Lucas’s part which was later retconned. I think they did intend to insert a genuine sub-subplot on the subject, only for one reason or another — mostly a Nesson v Lucas thing, I would guess — it never got fleshed out to the point that it should have. (One of my greatest story disapointments of the two other prequels, that.)

    3) I’m not sure where I fall on the Palp/Sid “secrecy” issue. It was lame, certainly, and they weren’t really fooling anyone (except for all those clone theory wankers) but it didn’t bother me that the production admitted the connection at the same time that the films did, and I don’t know that the story would necessarily have been better served if that connection had been made more explciit earlier.

    4) I really wish they hadn’t re-dubbed (or pitch-shifted, or whatever it was) all of Natalie Portman’s dialogue. “Get you your ships,” indeed. Bleh.

    Like most folks, I have mixed feelings about the movie but fond memories of the event. Thank you for doing such a great job of revisiting both. While I would love to hear a ROTS commentary at some point, it makes sense that you stopped here.

    Very much looking forward to TFTM next month.

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