One thought on “Left 4 Dead 2 – E3 Trailer”

  1. My initial response when I heard them announce it this afternoon was “awesome! – wait, what?”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll buy it just like everyone else will. But, like most, I’ll bitch and moan about what a sleazy move this is.

    Valve traditionally releases new games far apart and crams lots of free content in the middle of it. While more L4D is fantastic, releasing an entirely new game only a year after the last one released (Madden-style) is ridiculous. It’s a shameless money grab before the zombie craze starts to cool down.

    For example, Half Life 2 came out about four or five years ago and has had several new episodes added to it. Not free, but not full game price. Team Fortress 2 is a couple years old now and has had something like a dozen new maps (all free) and new character classes, improved classes, game types, weapons, weapon improvements and new functionality released. Entirely for free. That’s the typical Valve style.

    Valve made it seem like they’d be coming out with a lot of L4D content and keep supporting it as they do with all their titles, but in only a year, they came out with one new game type. That’s it. No new maps (the DLC maps are just allowing you to play through the existing campaigns). And then an entirely new title.

    If you look at the currently known content of L4D2, it amounts to an expansion. Perhaps more than enough to justify charging for it as a full expansion / downloadable content, but not enough to justify the full $59.99 they’re asking.

    What you’ll get:

    Highlighted Features

    – 5 new campaigns
    – 4 new characters
    – 4 new melee weapons: axe, chainsaw, frying pan, and baseball bat.
    – New ranged weapons: silenced SMG, new shotgun, new sniper rifle.
    – New (heretofore unknown) game mode
    – Updated “AI Director 2.0”
    – One new Infected.

    That’s it. And who knows how many of the campaigns will be playable in multiplayer at release. Could be just a couple like with L4D. And it’s the same aging Source engine. I expected a new L4D, but not until the next Valve/Source engine was released. In fact, I expected it to play out with a new Half Life Episode 3 release on the old Source engine in 2009 and then a new engine being released in 2010, along with possibly a new Half Life / Counter Strike / Left 4 Dead shortly after.

    I’m sure we’ll all end up buying this, but it’s really an unfortunate money grab. It should be a $15 DLC. It risks splitting up the up-until-now large L4D community. It burns a lot of previously held good will by many Valve fans.

    I think the most telling part is that it was not Valve that announced this. It was EA. (EA were also the people that Valve outsourced the porting of The Orange Box to PS3 to, which turned out to be a horrific port and seems to have killed all intention to port L4D to PS3).

    Also, where are my latino, asian, indian, russian, chinese characters? Let’s get some more stereotypes in since there’s no actual story-telling in the game (other than the ambient context).

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