The Dead Rise – Today!

May of the DeadThe much anticipated May of the Dead has arrived – Today at Guardian Games at 303 SE 3rd Avenue in Portland, OR. Portland’s first and finest all-day Zombie themed gaming event!

What can you expect at May of the Dead?

Portland’s first and only Left 4 Dead Tournament.

Demo & play Zombies!!! from Twilight Game, Dead Money by Cheap Ass Games, Last Night on Earth from Flying Frog Games, Zombie Fluxx from Looney Labs, and undead themed D&D 4E adventures from Wizards of the Coast.

Witness the World Premiere of the newest Zombie RPG – Cannibal Contagion!

All-day Zombie films playing in store.

Get turned into an undead with on-site Zombie make-up artists as well as make-up workshops.

Come dressed (or become) a Zombie and earn 20% off all In-Store items at Guardian Games.

Learn how to survive and even thrive in the coming Zombie Apocalypse with tips and tricks from Zombie Squad: Portland Branch.

Zombie Squad

Win CDs and swag from the premiere horror and Gothic music, Midnight Syndicate as well as learn about their first feature film: The Dead Matter.

The event is all ages (but some of the Zombie flicks might scare the wee ones).

There is no cover to attend.ggames-poster

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